Daesung Group’s Contributions to Society

Sharing Hope

Daesung Group makes a concerted effort to share
the profits earned through its business activities with society.
We are committed to a better world and a brighter future for all.
Gas Safety Campaign
Daesung Energy holds a gas safety poster contest once a year and street events for Safety Month to encourage the safe use of gas. It also runs a safety workshop for young people every summer vacation to instill a proper awareness of the correct use of gas.

Young Peoples Science Camp
Held every summer since 2004, this science camp is open for free to children with an interest in science. The camp began with the goal of fostering basic science talents, and it provides opportunities for interesting and diverse science experiences, stimulating children’s curiosity so that they can demonstrate their enthusiasm for science.

Investing in Korea’s Future
Daesung Group provides support for young people with the goal of finding undiscovered talents in those who will be our leaders in the 21st century. Daesung Haegang Science and Culture Foundation supports gifted individuals while the Haegang Daesung Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships to talented students.