Environmentally-friendly Energy

Business Models for the Global Market

Daesung Group has firmly established itself as a leader in the ever-changing
energy market.
With renewable energy business models that take advantage of our concentrating
solar, wind, and landfill-gas-to-energy knowhow, Daesung is a innovator with its
sustainable environmentally-friendly energy projects.

Concentrating Solar Power System

Korea's first concentrating solar tower power system, which provides high-efficiency environmentally safe energy, is located on a 20,300 m2 plot of land and features a 50m tall tower. As the execution agency in this demonstration project, Daesung Group has demonstrated its committed to the development of sustainable energy as a leader in the improvement of technology for low-carbon green growth initiatives.

Concentrating Solar Power System


Overview table
Name Development of the 200 kW Solar Power Tower System  
Period Dec. 2008 ~ Sep. 2011 (34 months)  
Execution Agency Daesung Energy  
Participants DIC, NanoCMS, MaxTECH  
Consignment Agencies KIER, SNUT, Inha Univ., KNUT  
Site Nearby the North Daegu IC, KOREA  
Area 20,300 ㎡  


There is a growing demand for renewable energy not just in Korea, but all over the world. Thus the purpose of this project was to develop local technology that could be commercialized and exported to energy markets around the world. Notable successes include:

  • Development of an air receiver with a hot air temperature of 700~1,000'c
  • Net solar-to-electricity efficiency of 13% or more
  • Development of high-efficiency and low cost heliostats


With the support of Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the city of Daegu, this project budgeted at 11.6 billion KRW involved the design and construction of a 50m tall tower capable of generating 200kW on a 20,300 m2 plot of land located near the north Daegu interchange. The tower type CSP generates electricity by using 450 heliostats to concentrate solar energy to produce the heat source for the tower's generator where temperatures can reach 700~1000'c With the successful development of the technology for this project's generation cycle, Korea now has its own proprietary CSP system technology.

System Conceptual Diagram

System Conceptual Diagram